Contaminant Removing Water Filters – the Bottled Water Alternative

Cost Per Gallon of Bottled Water

Save Money, Improve Drinking Water Quality and Taste, Maximize Convenience, Save the Environment


What are you going to do in a crisis?

When unexpected trouble happens, too often people struggle to find and hoard bulky, expensive bottled water.

Multipure offers a better solution – certified to be cleaner and healthier, easier on the wallet, and more convenient for your home and the environment.

Watch and learn why Multipure is the better alternative to bottled water.

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VeryHealthyWater™ is an Independent Multipure Distributor, specializing in contaminant-removing water filters including drinking water filters, whole house water filters, bath & shower water filters and more.

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10 Problems with Bottled Water

  1. Bottled water is an unknown water source.
  2. The plastic in bottled water presents chemical dangers.
  3. Bottled water undergoes unknown water treatments.
  4. Tap water is more regulated than bottled water.
  5. The harmful effects of plastic water bottles on the environment are significant.
  6. Making plastic water bottles wastes our fresh water.
  7. Plastic water bottle production has a hefty carbon footprint.
  8. Bottled water is expensive.
  9. Plastic water bottles offer limited reuse.
  10. Plastic water bottles present bacterial health risks.

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