Coronary Calcium Scores with Dr. Arthur Agatston – Diet Doctor Podcast

Coronary Calcium Scores - Dr Arthur Agatston

An Interview with the Author of the Agatston Score

Dr Arthur Agatston, Dr Bret Scher (Diet Doctor)

Coronary calcium scores are one of the most important tests for assessing cardiac risk. But it isn’t always straightforward how to interpret them or what to do about them. Dr. Arthur Agatston and I discuss the details of calcium scores and help you better understand how to use the test and what you can do to help lower your cardiac risk.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
2:53 How the Agatston score came about
15:15 Interpreting the different “zero CAC scores”
19:06 How to reverse a high CAC score
24:18 Understanding the plaque density
28:50 CAC and its radiation dose
31:09 Statins, LDL and CAC score
39:05 About the craft test: specifics and advice to people
45:27 Pillars of treatment: diets and exercise
54:27 Spreading the message and educating future physicians

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